About Me

I develop great content that gets results.

  • Usually for companies; frequently among employees, customers and other important groups of people

  • Typically involving words and images

  • Here's my resume

I live in Portland with my wife, Mia, and our dogs, Randy and Livi.

  • Grew up in Maryland; went to college and worked in Virginia

  • Spent a while in California

  • Digging Oregon

I like learning, finding solutions to tough challenges and thinking deep thoughts on long walks in the woods. Other fun facts:

  • At age 11, turned my bedroom into a museum to display awesome collection of rocks, minerals and fossils

  • As a student journalist, PR guy, reporter and freelancer, met seven consecutive Virginia governors (Robb through Kaine) at various points in their careers

  • Saved someone from drowning once; he was drunk