Employee/Internal Communications

For Capital One, UTi Worldwide, WestRock and other former employers and clients, I have written hundreds of employee messages on behalf of CEOs and other senior leaders. These communications have ranged from company news and updates to announcements about mergers and acquisitions, leadership changes, and other important and sensitive subjects. I have also written numerous employee profiles, feature stories and company news articles on a wide range of subjects.

In addition to written messages, I have created:

  • Intranet rotating banners and assorted web graphics
  • Aggregated/bundled publications (HTML email messages and employee newsletters, including via internal CRM)
  • Presentations/slide decks and other materials
  • Project dashboards, status updates and report cards
  • Detailed/technical HR- and IT-specific messages and CBTs/online training programs
  • Targeted/permission-based messages and intranet articles/content for executives, managers, employees and/or contractors

Building on my collegiate and professional journalism experience, I have also produced numerous employee magazines and newsletters (both printed and online), including:

  • Editorial calendar/planning
  • Article development and editing
  • Graphic design, photography and layout
  • Printing and distribution (including mailing to employee homes)

Client/External Communications

I planned, developed and distributed numerous client newsletters (both corporate/general and product/service-specific) and other external communications at UTi Worldwide, including:

  • Operational alerts and updates
  • Marketing messages and product/service offerings
  • Company news and developments
  • Collateral materials

These messages were delivered via email (and, for PDFs and other large files, online) via the company's CRM/marketing automation system (Salesforce/Pardot), which I used extensively.

Many of these message were also distributed through the company's website and social media, which I managed as well.

Press Releases and Media Relations

My first several jobs out of college were with advertising and PR agencies, and I gained an incredible base of experience in writing releases and other press kit materials, developing media lists, pitching stories and responding to inquiries for both B2B and B2C clients.

I was hired by one of these clients, Signet Bank, for which I served in the same capacity. (Signet went on to create the consumer financial services company Capital One, where I also worked.)

At UTi Worldwide, I drafted and distributed (via Nasdaq's Globe Newswire and PR Web) numerous press releases, which frequently included photos. Like the client communications noted above, news releases were also distributed through the company's website and social media, which I managed as well.